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Our mission is to provide secure, supportive housing tailored for professionals, families, and vulnerable populations, ensuring a comfortable and well-being-focused living environment.

At A Glance


At Flybed Suites, we believe in creating more than just a place to stay. We build supportive environments that foster stability and well-being for every individual. Our comprehensive services cater to all individuals, from securing stable housing to offering ongoing mental and emotional support. Discover how our tailored solutions can provide peace and security for those in need.

Temporary Supportive Housing

 We offer temporary housing solutions that are more than just a place to stay. Each housing arrangement is designed to provide stability, a serene environment, helping individuals to regain their footing during challenging times.

Holistic Solutions- Mental Health Support & Resources

Our services go beyond providing physical housing, encompassing mental health support and connections to vital resources as needed. We address both the physical requirements of stable housing and the emotional and psychological needs, creating environments that foster recovery and growth.

Our Leadership

Meet Julie and Nicole, the driving force behind Flybed Suites. With backgrounds in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Clinical Programs Management and Mental Health Services, they bring a wealth of expertise and a heartfelt commitment to every individual.

Dr. Julie Gray

Dr. Julie, the co-founder of Flybed Suites, is a seasoned expert in clinical program management, specializing in mental health, trauma, and homelessness. With a doctorate in Psychology and over 30 years of experience, she has designed and led programs for diverse and vulnerable populations, including homeless youth, adults, and families. Her visionary leadership is rooted in a commitment to enhancing the quality of life and stability for all Flybed Suites residents.

Dr. Gray’s personal journey with housing instability began in her youth, leaving home at age 17 to work full-time while finishing high school. As a single parent in her early 20s, she experienced homelessness and lived in a shelter. These experiences ignited her passion for helping vulnerable populations. Her career has focused on supporting children and youth in foster care, adults and families experiencing homelessness, individuals with mental illnesses, and incarcerated women. Her hands-on experience provides deep insights into the unique challenges these populations face, driving her commitment to make a difference.

Nicole Fitzgerald

As the co-owner of Flybed Suites and a licensed real estate agent since 2017, Nicole is dedicated to helping people find stable, supportive housing. She has located homes for over 300 families and secured leases for corporate and commercial clients. Her commitment to client satisfaction, negotiating the best rates, and passion for real estate drive her career.

Nicole’s journey into real estate began with a goal to help people find safe, secure homes. She has honed her skills in property management, lease negotiations, and client relations, helping clients navigate the housing market to find the perfect home.

Why Choose Us?

At Flybed Suites, we don’t just provide housing — we create serene, supportive living arrangements tailored to each individual’s needs. Our personalized, client-centered approach addresses the holistic well-being of those we serve. With licenses in real estate and social work, and certifications in various treatment modalities, we ensure the highest standards of care and service.

Ready to Transform Your Housing Experience?

Flybed Suites is more than just a housing provider—we are your partner in creating a stable and supportive environment. Our dedicated team offers tailored solutions designed to exceed the diverse needs of our clients. Discover how our comprehensive services can bring tranquility and stability to your life, or the lives of those you care about. Contact us today to learn more.

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